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Hello, thank you for stopping by my e-house! 


I am currently working in the Wellness Industry, building a hub on wellness! You can check it out at  www.e7hub.com.


Wellness has been my passion for at least 40 years! 

Golf, on the other hand, became my passion about three years ago. 

Shaun, my coach and a dear friend, took me to Palm Beach Golf Course for my first round after a few lessons. I was so excited! And I fell in love with the game.


The very next day, however, I needed to take anti-inflammatories due to lower back pain! An old injury flared up. And I understood I was not golf-fit.

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My name is Patricia Maris, and I am an optimistic and happy soul. I have a body that is fit and highly yoga-flexible due to years of training.

I am a health and wellness coach advocating healthy lifestyles and wellness programs. 


I have been in the fitness industry since 1986. 

My passion has always been in well-being, especially after undergoing a breast cancer scare in 2004. I had to wait four days for the biopsy's results was by far one of the scariest four days in my life. 

I became a Life Coach and Wellness Strategist. I learnt and resonated with the principals of the CHEK institute. And I became a Certified *CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist in Posture Strategy for functional movement, a Certified *MTA, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Meditation and an Injury Recovery Consultant and assessor to businesses and insurance companies. I hold a Cert IV in Accounting and a Certificate IV in Drafting (Mechanical Structural and Electrical), a profession I used extensively before deciding to leap into the wellness industry in 2005 forever. A jump that changed my life for the better in more ways than I ever anticipated!

I have run a successful Personal Training business under the umbrella of one of the largest health club chains in Australia. I had the opportunity of helping people from all walks of life. I designed individualised wellness programs for clients with a vast array of physical, emotional and mental problems. 

It has never stopped amazing me how a simple neck pain can drive someone's mood to the roof. The lack of flexibility and strengths in one's body, i.e. a weak wrist, could impact a person's sense of independence. 


I learnt how lower back pain affects the ability to have bowel movements, amongst other problems. But what has had a most significant impact is that there is no cure for frozen shoulders. This symptom can last a lifetime when it goes 'emotionally untreated'. 

Aspiring skiers and golfers were amongst my clients. I also worked with people going through stroke paralysis recovery and cancer, pre and post operations. I am passionate about helping my clients.

My tactic is to laser-focus on the source of the problem for lasting and greater chances of success.


I have travelled extensively, from walking on The Perito Moreno glacier surface in South America to the jungles of Uganda's Gorilla Trekking, the Taj Mahal in India, Edmonton, Canada and NY. I climbed up the Harbour bridge, bike-ride the city of Melbourne and everything in between.

I am an amateur photographer. 

I am a figure competitor, having competed in the INBA at the tender age of 55, (chuckles) placing in the top 5! As I refused to go all the way without proper nutrition and hydration! 

I am an advocate for Mental Health through a healthy lifestyle

I am an author with two published books and two on the editor's desk as we speak. As you are reading this!

I am a mom of 3 beautiful girls and a brand new grandson, I have two grand-dogs. I love my family!

Above all, I am a woman, strong and independent, building my legacy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am so pleased to e-meet you. I hope you enjoy my site!


*What is a CHEK Practitioner?  According to Paul Chek 

*What is MTA? Wellcome to Healthexcel Metabolic Typing

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