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A case study in posture

Hello, my name is Kelsey and this was me 4 treatments ago! 

Golfness, is a fitness program designed specifically for golfers of any age….from seniors even to youngsters like me. I’ve generously been described by some senior people in the sport as ‘an up and comer’.

I started playing golf at the tender age of eight, when a putter was almost as tall as me. But with gentle persuasion and encouragement from my Granny, who looked after me when school had finished for the day, I started to truly enjoy the game.

On a Wednesday after school, Nan would take me and my brother to a nearby course where I’d participate in a Golf Clinic, learning the techniques and skills which have enabled me to elevate my game into the upper ranks of proficiency. And on weekends, I’d play round after round with my golf-mad Granny and Grandpa, relishing in the way my young and developing body became at one with the needs of the sport. 

Naturally, I stuck with it, and improved to such a degree that I’m now seriously contemplating turning professional, and making golf my life. I can’t think of anything better than travelling the world from course to course and playing against the world’s best!

But at this elite level in which I hope to play, everything about my game needs to be the very best; and that includes my swing, my posture and my health. Even at the age of 18, I’ve developed bad postural habits which need to be corrected; which is why the E7-Golfness clinics are so incredibly valuable. They’re redefining for me how I should position my body, exercise and embrace simple skills which will give me that additional advantage which will take me to the top of my game. 

My name is Taylor Newlin, and I’m a 26-year old golf fanatic from Frisco, Texas. By day, I work full time in finance, but my heart is on the golf course, having played for the past 20 years at the highest amateur level. What stopped me becoming a professional, was my back problems, which caused me extreme pain every time I played a round of golf.

After graduating as a scholarship athlete from the University of Texas, San Antonio, I took a break from competitive golf to concentrate and focus on my career as an accountant with Ernst and Young. After settling into Sydney, I joined Bonnie Doon and have been competing in Major Pennants and plan to get into more amateur competitions. 

During my amateur status, I’ve competed in over 40 collegiate golf tournaments, and gained first place as an individual medallist at the Islander Classics. My move to live and work in Sydney led me back into competitive golf, but because of my back issues, I wasn’t confident that I could handle the pain and pressure. Then I heard about Patricia and her program. I wasn’t sure at first and hesitated taking it further, but the pain made me reach out for her held, and after a couple of weeks of treatment with Trish and consistently doing the stretching/strength program she tailored to help me I can play without the extreme pain.

In addition to helping with my back pain, Trish has also helped with my emotional and mental wellbeing. I was very lost and lonely after moving to Sydney by myself. The constant in my life, golf, was gone and I was trying to find my way. In order to cope with the emotions and mental challenges I was facing I turned to food and created unhealthy habits. 

After such success with the treatments for my posture and back pain I approached Trish about tackling the mental/emotional and lifestyle side of things. She suggest a fasting diet to kick start the lifestyle change. Although it was difficult, I am a total believer now. As evident by the before and after pictures I look so much better, but what you can’t see in the pictures is how much better I feel. I am also much more in tune to what my body needs and is really craving, giving me the control I needed in my life. 

Trish provided so much support while going through the program, which made all the difference. I am still working through the program, but I no longer see it as a program but rather as my lifestyle. I have also seen changes to my golf game. Increased endurance, strength in my swing and confidence. I am so happy with the progress and excited to see where I’m going to be in a few more weeks! Trish is truly amazing and helping people change their lives.