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By boosting your 7 human strengths!

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Human Strength #1



Life is all about choices and the choices we make will become our reality provided we take action.

In order to get somewhere, in order to do something, and in order to acquire a better state of health, we need to improve our habits and behaviour to change our environment.


What if I told you that you already have the answer? 

That all you need is within you

Within this module you will start building the foundations and reestablish your connection with that inner force.

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Human Strength #2


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There are three types of breathing we do, but only one which we should be using every time we breathe.

When used correctly, we can use breathing as a tool to reduce negative stress levels, making us feel better within seconds. 

This module will help and guide you on how to focus on using your breathing to improve your health so you can focus on your game.

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Human Strength #3


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A dry mouth isn’t an indication of thirst… it means you’re already dehydrated.

No matter what age, or whether or not you're exercising, everyone experiences dehydration.

This puts stress on your mind and body. If you want to play at your peak, you need to master your hydration.


In Hydration, you will learn how that hydration is much more than just drinking water.

7 Steps to Golfness

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Human Strength #4


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Some of us are optimists, some are pessimists. Our minds can only think either negatively…or positively at any one particular moment.


It’s up to you to train your mind so that you think positively and influence your behaviour with a positive outcome.

This session will help you train your brain and find that switch that will guide you towards positive thoughts and change your outlook, your perspectives, and your happiness.

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Human Strength #5


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Forget the local chemist. The greatest pharmacy is your garden.

We make medicinal choices every day when we decide what to eat. Yes, food is both nutrition and medicine, full of essential vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids, and everything else we need.

That means we must learn what’s good and what’s bad for us. We are what we eat, and food can be either the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison.

There are only 3 types of food groups; and no, they're not what you think. Learn what they are and eat better. This session is full of powerful information to help you lead a healthy and delicious life.

Human Strength #6

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Exercise: The Miracle Cure article from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, London England February 2015.


Humans are extremely innovative, so much so that in the last 150 years we figured out a way to save ourselves 30 hours of work per week. We don't work 60 hours a week any more; we average 30 hours. So what have we done with these spare 30 hours? Well, we waste most of them watching TV, using the internet...anything but productive and life-enhancing exercise. These days, more and more of us are living in our heads, and not exercising our bodies. More than at any time in our history, we’re moving less and less and our health is suffering. As we are all different, we need different exercises to achieve a greater sense of function-ability.


This session will teach you what works best for you, on and off the golf course.

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Human Strength #7


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"He’s not drunk…he’s just tired”. How often have we heard this?

Rest through sleep is the way to relieve and alleviate our aches and pains, as well as clear our busy minds. Television, the Internet and a 24/7 news cycle are robbing us of rest and the strength this precious human resource gives us.

Without proper rest, we become ill and suffer from disorders unknown to our ancestors.

Learn how you can help your body rest better and think sharper without compromising your sleep.




Word Origin: Neologism created by Patricia Maris, November, 2018

See more synonyms for wellness, golf


1.    The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind specifically for players of the game of golf, the ability to play a round of golf without exhaustion, tiredness, soreness and muscular cramp.

2.    An approach to golf through the care of your health which emphasizes enhancing your skills in golf through the enhancement of your body’s natural abilities, defences and talents. 

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