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Few golfers consider maintaining their health as a factor in improving their game. Enigma7golf has created a program specifically designed to maximise your games' potential by targeting your wellbeing.

 We have identified and optimised what it takes to play the best game of golf.

We have designed our programs to bring out your best so that you can see long-lasting improvement.

Thanks to the advances in medicine, we have added years to our lives. It is now up to us to add GOLFNESS to years!

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Golfness  Programs


  • Convenient

  • Flexible

  • Individual attention

  • Practice as you learn

  • Financial benefits

  • Connect long distance

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Wellness Srategist & Lifestyle Coach


  • Individualised positive behaviour changes

  • Improve performance on and of the course

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Mental, Emotional and Physical health laser focus attention and improvement

  •  Create a balanced life

  • Achieve goals 

  • Discover clarity and purpose

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  • Discover your best self away from the crowd

  • Determine your strengths and weakness

  • Unleash and boost the 7 human strengths you possess

  • Safe environment

  •  Improve and understand the different style of communication

  • Overcome your fears

  • Learn how to eliminate bad habits

  • and a lot more!

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  • Have the best of both worlds

  • Learn how to apply Wellness to every round 

  • Travel to beautiful golf courses and meet people that think alike

  • Leatn how to apply the 80/20 golf wellness golden rule!


Not sure which option is best for you?

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Online Golfness Programs

Love the way you learn, study the way you want. Put into practice our wellness steps and reap the benefits of a lower scorecard.


  • On-demand content delivered at your own pace

  • Downloadable exercises and lessons

  • Workbooks and printables

  • Options to pay monthly or a one-off fee.


Some other advantages of taking this online program are:

  • Flexible hours

  • Financially affordable

  • Your place, a coffee shop, the library, your comfort!

  • The distance is not an issue

  • Lockdown proof.


Wellness Strategist and Life Style Coaching

Whether on or off the golf course, people need support to thrive in life. 

As a wellness strategist, I have built a seven-step program that will help you master the tools necessary for achieving long-term goals. 



In Life Coaching sessions, we discuss and help you figure out what is holding you back in achieving your purpose. In addition, we enable you to figure out what aspects of your life require attention. 


  • ​Individualised Wellness Program. These programs include Mental, Emotional, Physical Activities that will help you improve your lifestyle

  • Personalized coaching will help you assess your needs

  • Minimize the typical group delays and focus on what is important to you

  • The Wellness Strategist are 21 sessions of 60-90-minute each - package available

  • The Lifestyle Coaching sessions are 7 sessions of 60-minutes each -packages available.


As a Wellness Strategist, we delve deep into what makes you unique and create a blueprint or comprehensive wellness program that will:

  • target the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life. 

  • will serve as a guide to put into action your desires no matter whether you are on the course or not.

  • prevent any pain or injury to boost your performance on the course.

  • keep you motivated and hold you accountable for your wellbeing goals. 

  • promote your state of wellbeing to support your golf-fitness 

  • bring your weight into balance.

  • target any particular needs due to a past illness, disorder, or medical condition affecting your wellness routine.                               

The enigma7 wellness programs have helped thousands before you.

E7G is a program that I keep improving. You will have access to the seven steps program, one step at a time!! 





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Golfness Retreats

What do COVID-19 and E7GOLFNESS Retreats have in common? YOU! Both of them target your immune system. 

As a Wellness Strategist, I see people with health issues all the time, and the two questions I keep on asking myself is... Why is it seem to only realize the importance of Health after losing it, and are some of these injuries preventable? Why isn't Balance your main focus? 



  • Connect with yourself without the interruptions of daily life.

  • Disconnect, detox from technology

  • ​Evaluate your current circumstance to help you boost your immune system by enhancing the 7 human strengths you possess

  • We'll help you improve your golf skills by conditioning your mental, emotional and physical state

  • Help you stop ruminating and focus on self-motivation to find healing

  • Most people need a lifestyle tweak, more exercises, better food, quality rest, better hydration 

  • Learn to listen to your body's signs through mindful practices and embrace the fear that stops you from moving forward

  • Learn how to bring back the confidence to gain a more significant connection with yourself.


On these retreats, you will learn how to achieve balance with a set of tools to:

  • Better Stretching

  • Better Thinking

  • Better Eating 

  • Better Sleeping

  • Better Moving

  • Better Planning

  • Better Hydration.


Melbourne: Single or couple

Sydney: 1 to 4 participants 


It will vary depending on the number of participants.

Golfness Tours

To perform at your peak on the golf course, you need to be at the top of your game off it! 

In affiliation with some great Golf Profesional, we are taking you to some fascinating places! 


  • Golf 'gateways' says it all! 

  • Our partners are experienced in organizing these events.

  • Travelling interstate or overseas when permitted 

  • Guided by Golf Professionals.



  • People of levels join and play 

  • A great way to polishing your golf skills by playing on a golf tour

  • An excellent way for you to network and meet people and make friendships for life that share the same interests

  • Great way to keep fit and on top of your 'mind' game

  • Playing tours add variety to your game and golf management skills. 

  • Great way to have a feel of what it would be like to play in an actual tournament.


September 2021: Barrosa Valey, Adelaide 

15th -19h November 2021 NSW SOUTH COAST SWING $645 pp click here to learn more. 

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